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Dream – Every one has a dream but they are all different.
Hi all! My name is Ted. And I am so excited and very happy now…since I’m gonna come to us and study in university of Texas at Arlington (UTA) where there are a lot of foreign students coming from all over 130 countries in the world, so I can exchange and study a lot from their cultures. Studying abroad is always considered as one of the most powerful keys to unblock every gate to success. I can’t wait to come and discover myself in US.
The United States is developed country with strong economy and has many well-known colleges and universities. So earning an American degree will bring students a lot of opportunities to find a good job, and it’s recognized all over the world. Furthermore, we all know that language is a gate to communicate and understand each other. English is widely spoken in the world and has become very important in life. Studying in the US will help Vietnamese students to improve and be proficient in English
My name is Flora and I am a journal student at University of Washington. My major is in Business, Finance. I left my beautiful country, Vietnam and came to the United State for a better education and I believe my hard work will reward me a good future, not only in terms of my career but also my life in general.
Thanh Dong - Edmond Community College
OSI Vietnam
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