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Tran Minh Tuan - UTA

Hi all! My name is Ted. And I am so excited and very happy now…since I’m gonna come to us and study in university of Texas at Arlington (UTA) where there are a lot of foreign students coming from all over 130 countries in the world, so I can exchange...

Le Hoai Nha Trang, from University of Tennessee, USA

The United States is developed country with strong economy and has many well-known colleges and universities. So earning an American degree will bring students a lot of opportunities to find a good job, and it’s recognized all over the world. Furthermore,...

Thanh Dong - Edmond Community College

Thanh Dong - Edmond Community College

Dang Nguyen Quoc Cuong - Belmont University, TN, USA

Coming to USA is my great chance to challenge myself and to experience The New World. Everything here is so different from what we are having in Vietnam. There are massive things I can learn from a new environment.

Huong Nguyen - Student of Seattle Central Community College.

Seattle Central Community College is a really good recommendation from OSI that I could get. The school has a good education and flexible time for students to choose. Personally, OSI has been known as the best place to ask for advises. Everything seems...

From Edmonds Community College: Student Spotlight

Flora Thin Thi Dong, from Vietnam, was given one of the Intensive ESL “Outstanding Student” Awards for Spring, 2008. This award is for students who have excellent grades and study habits. They also contribute positively in the class. To get this award,...

Nguyễn Ngọc Minh Anh - Devry University

OSI là một công ty uy tín và chất lượng. Trong quá trình làm thủ tục khi đi du học công ty đã giúp đỡ em rất nhiều.

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Loan - Johnson and Wales University

Mình là Ngọc Loan, mình sang Mỹ được 2 tuần và cuối tháng 2 này là bắt đầu nhập học tại trường đại học Johson & Wales, Rhode Island. Du học là một trong những ước mơ mình ấp ủ từ lâu, mình đã...

Hồ Hoàng Điệp - Dervy University

Theo tôi, Osi là một công ty uy tín, chuyên nghiệp trong lĩnh vực tư vấn du học. OSI đã giúp chọn trường, chọn địa điểm phù hợp với năng lực cũng như điều kiện tài chính của gia đình tôi; giới thiệu...

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