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Dream Big or Don't Dream!

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Dream Big or Don't Dream!

Dream – Every one has a dream but they are all different.

When I was in high school in Vietnam, my dream was becoming an international businesswoman with a strong marketing knowledge. I was a lucky girl because my mother understood what I wanted and sent me over to Singapore to continue my studies in 2003. That was my first time exposed to a new culture and more importantly, the language. After 6 months in Singapore, I tried my best to adapt to a new place and fit myself in to a private school.

Dream never stops and it shouldn’t be. My family decided to relocate me to United Kingdom to pursue my dream. That was when I met OSI Vietnam, Mr David Le and his team. They helped me unconditionally with setting up an interview, preparing all documentary, school choice and host family on the other end. I remembered my mother and I had to fly to Ha Noi for the UK interview. Flight went great, people are nice and more importantly, I passed the visa. Three weeks later, I arrived in York City, UK. It was an old city where you can find the nicest people on earth. Everything was peaceful and lovely. I could not complain more than just fitting myself into a warmest welcome from my host family. I was there for 2.5 years, finished my Foundation Degree in Business.

Life goes on and so do I. In 2006, I moved to the US to finish up my college degree. Of course, OSI Vietnam once again helped me with all the paper work. My family and I were very pleased with their professional service. I got accepted in a Community College in Seattle and settled in a new American host family. My college graduation was in 2008 after learning so much valuable information. I barely heard anyone said that they loved Seattle because of the weather, but trust me, as long as you come you will never want to leave. A little rain and a little bit colder just toughen you up. I was be able to come home at least once a year but had to apply for a new visa. OSI Vietnam did all the work, all I remember was come to the interview and pick up my Visa the next day. It means that you don’t have to worry about anything, even filling any form. OSI Vietnam helps me all the way, and they will do the same to any of you.

Things changed after college, I could not be able to finish my degree right after that 2 years. I had to take time off to work, however, that was the most special moment in my life learning experiences that you never learn at school. I enjoyed it and was proud of myself for doing that.

Today is the last day of 2012 and I am getting very close to have my degree in Hospitality Management in couple months. I can’t wait to come back home with my degree and contribute my knowledge. Who can believe a little girl 8 years ago now has become a trilingual undergraduate student. 

I can do it so you can do it. OSI Vietnam will be your step to the future. They will make everything easier and your dream will be right in front of you before you even know it

Thank you OSI Vietnam so so much!

Joxie Nguyen

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